Disney’s Magic Kingdom Maximized 1-Day Itinerary

You’ve got one day to spend at Walt Disney World.  Which park should you pick?  I get asked this question all the time, and here’s my panicked response, every single time:  “Wait, one day isn’t enough!!”  But I get it, sometimes that’s all your plan allows.  In that case, if your kids are in the range of ages 5- 12… I recommend Magic Kingdom. My children are ages 7 (1st grade boy) and 12 (7th grade girl).  We recently had a whirlwind, long weekend at Walt Disney World to attend an awesome Take Me Fishing event. We had one park day.  ONE. PARK. DAY.  Being the crazy mom uber-Disney-planner that I am, I found this an exciting challenge! First, I need to give credit where credit is due.  I’m a huge fan of using TouringPlans.com, for everything from their Disney Parks estimated crowd calendar to their optimized park touring plans.  They’ve put a lot of research into park traffic flows, and such.  So I based our strategy loosely on that.  It worked out great, and we packed in … [Read more...]

Tour Italy With Lonely Planet Travel Guides

"Benvenuti in Italia!"... Welcome to Italy!  If you were planning a trip to this amazing country, how would you chose a Travel Guide? Travel Guide books are exciting.  They open your eyes to a place you are longing to experience for yourself.  They equip you with fun and helpful information to assist you in planning vital trip details ahead of time.  And they help you get the most enjoyment out of your visit while you're there. At least they should do all of those things.  An important decision indeed!  Here's why I picked Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet ~ Real Guides for Independent Travelers Lonely Planet publishes travel guides for almost anywhere around the globe.  Let's face it, there are definitely a few quality options out there, when it comes to travel guide publishers. Personally, when I searched for the "just right" travel guide for me, after fairly extensive research I decided on Lonely Planet.  Why? Because I think Lonely Planet strikes a nice balance, in … [Read more...]