Take Me Fishing… at Walt Disney World!

My family recently enjoyed a Take Me Fishing excursion at Walt Disney World! Here's everything you need to know - what do you need to bring, and where do the boats depart? Is it worth sacrificing valuable Park time on your Disney vacation? How does fishing help the outdoors, and why is this such a great family activity? Although my family has had a few vacations at Walt Disney World, on our recent trip we had an adventure like nothing we’ve ever experienced.  Disney World fishing and boating - now that's my kind of adventure! It was a moment in which all my greatest loves blissfully collided: Disney… the outdoors… adventure… my family... boating... sunshine!  It makes me giddy just thinking about it. I had heard that you could take guided bass fishing excursions right on the Disney World property.  And honestly, my first reaction was “I don’t think I’d want to sacrifice park time for that”. Well, I WAS WRONG. I'm now convinced a bass fishing excursion is an ideal addition … [Read more...]

Disney PhotoPass CD – Worth the Cost?

Disney PhotoPass Photographers are poised throughout the Walt Disney World Resort - at the parks, resorts, and even some restaurants.  Easy to spot in their standard garb of blue pants/shorts, a white shirt, and khaki photographer's vest (unless found in a hotel lobby) -  they are ready to capture those happy memories for you ... with everyone included in the picture!  Locations are strategically selected - typically iconic places, with ideal backgrounds for framing your special moment. For more information on the logistics of the program, check out the scoop from allears.net's article on Disney's PhotoPass.  But I'm here to answer the question:  is buying the PhotoPass CD worth the cost?   Prepurchase the Disney PhotoPass CD Before Your Trip Well, first of all - let's think in terms of pre-purchasing the CD before your trip, for $119.95.   The regular, post trip price for all of your PhotoPass pictures sent to you on a CD is $169.95.  If you are considering a CD, save and use this … [Read more...]