I make milk. What’s your super power?

Years ago while using a one room, no stalls restroom at a client site - I observed that it contained an extra, loose chair.  Just sitting in there.  So that's:  sink, stool ... and extra chair.  I tend to prefer order and reason in my world, and I was completely baffled, and somewhat disturbed, by the what the purpose of this piece of furniture in that environment could possibly be?  Little did I know I had just had my first glimpse into the self sacrificing realm that is the Nursing Mommy!Fast forward a few years, and it was me who was headed to a similarly degrading, smallish room for the task.  Now that I have the La Leche League proponents all up in arms for my use of the term "degrading" - please don't misunderstand me.  Allow me to at least defend myself by saying that I nursed my first child until age 2, and am currently nursing my second child who is 15 months.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  It is an experience that I … [Read more...]