On-The-Go Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Recently I participated in a 6 week fitness challenge that included a session with a nutritionist.  She had so many good ideas, but the most lasting healthy lifestyle take-away that I've continued to use daily is the on-the-go breakfast smoothie. If you are like me, you need to eat breakfast.  But doing so first thing in the morning, when you are stressed out, rushing around getting ready for your day... just isn't your stomach's favorite time to chow down.  Breakfast smoothies are so much easier for me to digest versus trying to eat something, both on-the-go convenience wise (I drink mine on the way to work), and stomach-tolerance wise. But will it leave you feeling hungry, 45 minutes later?  It doesn't have to. The key to a healthy on-the-go breakfast smoothie that will stay with you is this:  Protein. If you include some ingredients with protein in your smoothie, it will stick with you and keep you feeling full much longer.  When you make your smoothie at home, you can … [Read more...]