Ella’s Wool Keeps Outdoor Kids Warmer

Ellas Wool Tubes After SleddingWhen a mom from Norway gives you a tip on how they keep their kids warm in winter, so they can still have fun playing outside – you listen.  Because you know she knows what she’s talking about.  That’s why I was so intrigued with the story behind Ella’s Wool.  Founder Vibeke K Johansen wanted to share this solution with all parents, so their children can play outside year-round and stay warm, too.

That solution is wool.  The most natural, warm, soft and reliable thing you can dress your kid in when it’s cold.  A single, thin layer of super soft merino wool under your kids’ clothes can make all the difference.   Ella’s Wool offers a quality line of onsies, undershirts, long johns and more for young children.

Ella’s Wool Tubes

Ellas Wool Tubes in Fort Greene Moss

Ella’s Wool Tubes in Fort Greene Moss

An exciting new addition to the Ella’s Wool lineup is a type of soft pants called Tubes.  Tubes are thick, unisex wool rib-knit pants that come in a nice size-adaptable design.  Becca told me that every child in Norway has at least two pairs of Tubes.  They are worn as a mid layer to allow kids to stay outside and play longer in cold temperatures.  It’s all about layering!

I love that they can easily roll at the cuffs, so a pair can last your child for up to 3 years.  My 5 year old son has been trying out a pair of Tubes for ages 5y – 7y.  I’m thrilled that they will last him for a few winter seasons.  He’s quick to grab them out of his drawer, calling them his “warm pants”, and he even likes sleeping in them.  So they are apparently soft enough to also wear next to skin.

They are intended as a second/mid layer, and we’ve found them to be brilliant when worn between long johns and an outer, waterproof snow pant.  They are more comfortable, and more mobile for kids to wear than a pair of jeans under that snow suit.  And much warmer than wearing a pair of cotton sweat pants.

ellas wool tubes with cuffs

Tubes are made from 100% pre-shrunk lambs merino wool, and are made in the US.  They come in 4 lovely neutral colors, and are machine washable at a cold delicates program, with a good wool detergent.

We love Ella’s Wool Tubes!  I’ve never seen anything quite like them.  I think this is a great addition to a child’s wardrobe, equipping those outdoor kids to stay warmer.

Ellas Wool playing in snow

Content in the snow for hours, with a Tubes mid layer.

Ella’s Wool Tubes – The Giveaway

Ellas Wool logo

Ella’s Wool has offered to send one of my winning readers a pair of Tubes.   Yaaay!!

Open to US and CANADA Residents, ages 18+.  Enter using the form below.  Void where prohibited.

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I received a complementary pair of Tubes, for the purposes of performing this review.  All opinions are my own.


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  1. Laura Grace Andry says:

    My daughter likes the snow princess ones. I am partial to the tiger 🙂 But as these would be for my daughter I would go with Snow Princess for sure. Super cute!

  2. These look great. Do they come in adult sizes? My stepmother likes cuddle duds (or whatever they are called) a silk liner top and pants for winter. She’d love these I’m sure.

  3. Becky VanGinkel says:

    I love the Tubes in The Old Stone Gray House in size 3-5 YR for our 2.5 year old daughter Joee Mae <3 We live in Northern Minnesota where winters get brutally cold, and these would be perfect for her for when we are sledding and ice fishing!! Thank you so much for the chance 🙂


  4. These are adorable and look so warm. My daughter is a bit older, but says she would wear them to school. Her friends would like them too. Nice!

  5. Samantha M says:

    I like the Alpaca wool jumpsuit in chocolate. I’d love to get one for my sweet baby boy. I also love these tubes. They would be so great for my son for this cold winter.

  6. I like the prospect park plum for my daughter

  7. The Merino Wool Long Johns for my son would be great.

  8. We love wool! I love the fort green moss tubes for my 2 1/2 year old little boy!

  9. Ashley Alderink says:

    Alpaca wool jumpsuit . and would love to get it for my daughter. She loves to play outside in the snow but feel like shes never warm enough

  10. I would love the Llama wool jumpsuit! It would be perfect for my first son!

  11. adrien beatty says:

    Alpaca wool jumpsuit is wonderful!

  12. I’d get some gray ones for my son!

  13. My twins would be adorable in the balaclava!

  14. These not only look earn but really attractive too! Thanks for highlighting these

  15. jodi derryberry says:

    My son would love the one piece jammies! those look soft, warm, and cozy!

  16. We love Tubes! They are keeping my son and daughter warm, and are so cozy & comfortable. Great review–just shared with my readers on our facebook page!

  17. I like the east River Navy Blue Tubes. I’d get them for our grandchild.

  18. I like the Merino wool tights for baby. I’d get them for my niece.

  19. The Alpaca Balaclava looks toasty. I wonder if my picky daughter would wear it?

  20. I also like the Merino baby helmet hat for my daughter.

  21. Austin Baroudi says:

    I like the Llama wool jumpsuit in chocolate and these would be for my daughter!

  22. Id love to have the merino undershirt for my child. it looks so warm and comfy

  23. Chad Gustafson says:

    Love the alpaca jpsuit for my son!

  24. I love the Navy Tubes for my son!

  25. My favorite wool-piece is the Soft one-piece pajama which I would give to a very lucky baby!

  26. These wool tube things look perfect for my younger kids! They need something like this to go underneath their snow pants.

  27. These look wonderful! I have always used regular tights under snowpants for my kids. These look like they would be much warmer and stay drier. Can’t wait to try some pairs for my boys who are 5 and 8.

  28. joni mitchell says:

    I love the baby body suits.

  29. The wool tubes!

  30. Connie TIllman says:

    I like the warm mittens! I would not have to worry about the kids hands getting cold 🙂

  31. Darlene Owen says:

    I also love the Llama wool jumpsuit

  32. Melissa C. says:

    I actually really like the tubes in gray or moss, and I would give them to my 4 year old.

  33. Stephanie Liske says:

    I like the TUBES – The Old Stone House Gray.

  34. I like the merino wool long johns plus the color is beautiful

  35. Anna Tetreault says:

    I love the llama wool jumpsuit! It is so cute and looks so cozy! I would love to buy it for my new baby son,

  36. Michelle Ward says:

    The wool and cashmere shampoo sounds nice.

  37. Elizabeth E says:

    I like the Old Stone House Gray Tubes for my 18 month old son.

  38. Heidi Daily says:

    The soft one piece pajamas are really cute. I would get the Prospect Park Plum Tubes for my daughter.

  39. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Llama wool jumpsuit is so cute love all their products for my little nephew.

  40. I love the soft one piece pajama

  41. Angela Saver says:

    I would love to get the East River Navy Blue Tubes for my nephew!


  42. Jennifer R says:

    I like the TUBES – Prospect Park Plum (5-7y) for my daughter who would love the warmth they provide on cold Colorado days.

  43. susan smoaks says:

    i really like the Merino Wool Long Johns

  44. I would love the old stonehouse tubes for my daughter.

  45. I would like the Alpaca balaclava for my daughter.

  46. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    Organic base layer set (top and long johns)

  47. beth shepherd says:

    These are so neat. I like the the old stonehouse for my daughter. Thank you!

  48. Tina Reynolds says:

    I am loving the Alpaca wool mittens gray

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